Discover The Power Of Kettlebell Training For Gaining Strength, Toning Up, and Moving Freely ...

From: The Forest Vance Training, Inc. Kettlebell Gym, Sacramento, CA –

Dear friend –

If you’ve tried other kettlebell workout plans and found they just weren’t right for you …

If you’re a beginner kettlebell enthusiast and want a program that teaches you both how to train with them the right way and outlines a step-by-step plan to learn the basics …

If you’re an older person looking for a kettlebell program designed with your specific goals in mind …

You owe it to yourself to read this entire letter.

My name is Forest Vance. I’m a certified kettlebell instructor and kettlebell gym owner based out of Sacramento, CA. I have a master’s degree in Human Movement, multiple personal training certifications, and nearly a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

I’m writing you today to let you know there is a simple solution to all of your kettlebell training frustrations, and there’s an easy way for you to lose weight, tone up, improve your posture and strengthen your core with kettlebells.  But more on that later …

You see, I’ve worked with a lot of kettlebell training clients over the years with very similar goals to you.  While I do train clients with a variety of fitness goals and backgrounds, the majority of my private in-person clients:

  • Are between the ages of 45-62
  • Never even touched a kettlebell prior to training with me
  • Have various injuries and tweaks that limit their workouts in a small (or big) way
  • Are looking to gain strength, be fit, move freely, lose weight, and tone up
The bottom line is that I have a lot of real-world experience training folks just like you.  I’ve invested years of my life and thousands upon thousands of dollars to hone my kettlebell instruction skills.  And while I’d love to work with you at my Sacramento, CA kettlebell gym, odds are that if you’re reading this letter, it’s just not possible.  But I’m convinced I can still help with my new program …

Now Introducing “Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness”

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In this high-quality and no-B.S. program, you’ll learn how to use kettlebells to lose weight, tone up, improve your posture, move freely and gain overall fitness.

Inside of the Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program, you’ll discover:

  • A three minute body weight and kettlebell dynamic warm up that’ll have you feeling great and ready for your workout faster than you ever thought possible … and a complete extended warm up for those times you’re in extra need of pre-workout prep
  • Unique progressions for traditional kettlebell exercises that’ll help you master them in a whole new way – like the ‘face-away-from-wall kettlebell sumo deadlift’ and the ‘foot switch Turkish get-up’
  • A complete workout system to take you from KB newb to HardStyle master
  • Answers to common hang ups and solutions the majority of kettlebell training beginners have
  • And much more!!

Ready to pick up your copy? You have two options:

1) Grab the standard Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program.  Here’s what it includes:

The Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness Main Manual

  • Your complete guide to gaining strength, losing weight and getting in great shape using the power of the kettlebell.  Detailed exercise descriptions, step-by-step workout program, overcoming common hang-ups, bonus section and more …

The Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness Video Series

  • Learn how to do every exercise in the Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program using perfect form with video demo.  The written word is great, but when it comes to exercise instruction, there’s no replacement for video.

The PreHab Warm Up

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  • When you’re in need of an extended warm-up, when you’re extra sore from your last workout, when you have specific problem areas that need work, this is the perfect solution.  It’s a video series and special report, and is the research-backed and field-tested best way to prep for your workouts.

No Gym? No Excuse! 5 Minute Abs

  • All of my client’s favorite ab circuit workouts … detailed instructions on how to perform the five best, most effective ab exercises in existence … and five circuit workouts that’ll smoke your abs and that can all be completed in five minutes or less.

Functional Flexiblity Secrets

  • A quick start guide that reveals why what you’ve learned about flexibility is probably all wrong … how to stretch for improved posture, better movement, injury prevention and optimum performance.

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2) Grab the Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program plus my 10×10 Kettlebell Solution Program

You’ll want to progress after you’re finished with the Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program … and the 10×10 Kettlebell Solution is the perfect next step! Get the entire deluxe version of the program (manual, video series, fat loss meal plan, fitness tracker walk-thrus) for only $57 (a 20% savings when you grab both programs together).  (Find more details about the program here – – but make sure to order on this page to get this deal!)

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Check out what some of my kettlebell training clients have to say:

‘If You’re Looking To Get Started With Kettlebells, Start Here’ …

“I wish I had this guide months ago, before I went into information overload. This is the most concise guide I’ve found for starting out with kettlebells. If you are looking to get started with kettlebells, start here.
The exercises are all explained very well. The workouts are extremely well put together with suggestions for progression as you improve. Thanks to the guide and the videos on, my form
has improved in just a few days and I’ll lose less training time due to bruised forearms.”

-Trent C, Houston, TX

‘A Great Starting Point For Learning The Basics Of Kettlebell Training’ …

“This guide is a great starting point for anyone looking to start an excercise program that actually works. Kettlebell workouts are one of the most intense workouts I have every done. The quickstart guide is
very informative and is great with the pictures and descriptions … I am down almost 15 lbs now. Its been a good thing. Kettlebells have definitely increased my strength and conditioning.”

– Issac S, Sacramento, CA

Keith Is A ‘Kettlebell Convert’

I used to always go to the gym and use machines, but would always hurt myself … and the worst was when I would do squats in that machine where you add weight – I would always hurt my knee! So I quit going and gave up.

I have never had that problem with kettlebells … with kettlebells I can do squats and swings and it strengthens my legs and I don’t have problems with my knees.

– Keith M

30 day, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee

One more thing: I’m so confident that you’ll love the Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you order it right now.

I’m taking all the risk out of the transaction for ‘ya – yep, this product is covered by my 30 day, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you sign up for the program right now, and if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason, contact me at any time within the first 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund every dime of your money, no questions asked.

Common Hang-Ups and Solutions

I have been told not to lift heavy due to a medical condition/injury/etc. What should I do?

You can get a lot of benefit from the exercises and workout presented using low loads as long as you pay extra special attention to 1) perfect form and 2) optimum muscle activation. And that’s really what this program is all about.

I have not been able to run and need to lose weight and gain strength in my legs without the pounding of running. Is this a good program for me?

Kettlebells are a great solution for burning a ton of calories in a short period of time in a low-impact way!  I have knee problems myself and kettlebells are the best thing that’s ever happened to me 🙂

The biggest hinderance I am faced with right now is working around an old injury. What do I do?

Kettlebells (done right) are great tools to work around injuries like the one you’re dealing with. Make sure to know your limits and do what you can!

Order your copy of the Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program now by clicking the link below:

P.S. The Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program will help you gain strength, get fit, improve your posture and lose weight using the power of the kettlebell.

P.P.S. I’m so confident that you’ll love my Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you order it right now. If you sign up for the program and you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, contact me within the first 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund every dime of your money, no questions asked.

NOTE: Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness is a downloadable product. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book(s), bonus reports and videos onto your computer. No hard products will be shipped.